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10:31 a.m. - 2005-03-18
Getting better every day.
I'm feeling slightly better, and the codiene is kicking my ass. In a good way. I've slept more in the last two days than I have in the last few weeks put together. I guess I needed it.

I will be going to Sullyfest tomorrow if it kills me. I may not drink, but then I don't have to in this state of stupor. I'm sure he wouldn't mind me passing out in the middle of the festivities so long as I'm there. That's the important thing.

Hope everyone enjoyed mass quantities of green beer and corned mad cow last night. I've been eating a steady diet of crackers and canned, diced peaches for two days. I never appreciated canned peaches before. Now that they're the only thing I can eat, they rock.

I watched Rob Roy last night to soothe my germy constitution. Liam Nees0n in a kilt is good for the soul, you know? Tonight it will be King Arthur. I need a heavy dose of manly men to help flush the toxins out of my system and prepare me for as much festiveness as possible tomorrow.

Still no call back on The Apartment, but I did call about another just down the street, on the main strip that looks super cool too. No gay neighbors that I know of, but I'll make do if I have to ; ) I'll see it on April 1.

Take care all!


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