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1:16 p.m. - 2005-03-25
Wishful thinking.
I need a vacation so bad I'd set up a tent in someone else's back yard and call it a holiday. Dreary weather, dreary health, and dreary work have made for a dreary Zencelt. Its so depressing here. Cold, rainy and colorless. I feel like I'm living in a black and white television. So this back yard has to be somewhere mildly warm and very sunny. I want to wear sunglasses on my vaycay.

A nice massage/body scrub would be delish, but I have better things to spend my money on. Like debt payoff. I'm really getting serious about this. I feel like such a loser. So my $ blowouts will be reserved for going places and seeing people, and not on pampering services. Travel is so much more important to my well being.

Which reminds me, the CRUISE to Bermuda is only 8 months and 1 week away. Which is less than it was last week, but still ages and ages away. My only hope is for a week at the semi-local ocean with Sixweasels and her family in June, and our trip to Los Angeles in September. That should hold me over. Its just that none of those are now, and now is when I have the itch to be somewhere else.


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