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2:47 p.m. - 2005-04-08
Health update
Good news. Blood tests came back negativo. No cancer, Mono, Cat Scratch nonsense, or anything else they tested for.

The CAT Scan went OK. Not too scary. I'll get results from that Monday. I did have visions of a helicopter taking off from my head though. Its makes a circular whooshing noise around your head. Very Star Trekish. (Yes, I used to watch regularly. Don't beat me up in the playground.)

If that comes up clear, I get to see a specialist (who had better be as hot damn sexy as my Doc and his Nurse Practitioner. I especially love the NP's beard).

See? I can turn any medical nightmare into something mildly torrid.

Tonight I'm off to visit my apartment, because it needs to feel loved. Its kinda stinky right now. It has that closed up for a long time, someone smoking in it smell that needs to go away. I swear the guy must have smoked 18 packs before he left.

The cleaning people are supposed to put some kind of air cleaner in for a couple of days that takes all the odors out. Plus the carpet cleaning. But that poor place needs some fresh air too.

I'm also going to look for air conditioners, and some sort of extra chair and stand for my TV. Busy night.

If I get a chance, I'm going to see one of my main men (Mr. Cl1ve Owen) in Sin City. We'll see if he's just as cute as he was in K1ng Arthur. A big, bald Bruce W1llis and Benic1o Del T0r0 don't hurt either. Although, they messed with Ben1cio's face, and its so beautiful in its natural form. I understand they did it to make him look more like the comic book charactor though. So I'm cool with it.

Can you believe I'll be in my own apartment in a week and a half?


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