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2:01 p.m. - 2005-06-03
Me on a slab.
OK, now you really aren't going to believe this. Really.

# 1 - No cute techs. Just one friendly lady, and one, very short, very geeky old dude.

# 2 - I had to take my bra off because it had metal in it (no, not THAT industrial, just the hooks, mmmkay?). So, I had to walk around with my girlies all out there, bouncy and yeah, chilled. This was a medical facility. And I had to wait in the waiting room with all the other patients and their wives, husbands, fathers. Yeah. Uhuh. I have no issues walking around my house half naked, not do I have issues showing the wares to big, ugly, sexy men in cars, houses, hotel rooms, etc. However, there's just somethign extra special about being all Pamel@ @nderson OUT in a waiting room.

#3 - The girl who went in before me came out sobbing, sweating, shaking and any number of horrible things. She looked like she'd been through a war zone and come out barely alive. Thank god her mother was there an explained that she had panick attack disorder and her reaction to the whole thing was a bit overdone, but medically explainable.

Nevertheless, I looked hard at the EXIT sign. Really hard.

But, being brave ole me, I walked into the MRI room, plopped my ass down on the slab and waiting to be served up to the magnetic monster.

I wasn't a wuss, but I did request to have my hands above myhead so they could stick out of the machine, which wasn't a problem.

In and out I went, as the thing made insanely loud noises like machine guns, horses clomping, and jack hammers. In and out... (Cut it out you gutter minded heathens!)

That lasted for ten munites, then, bam, done. I was shuttled out of the silo, sat up, checked for sanity, then booted out of the room.

Then I looked at the clock, and noticed that two hours had gone by.

I fell asleep in the MRI.

And dreamt about a beach in St. Martin I fell in love with and my nephew.

So, sorry. Nothing lavicious to tell. Unless you count the braless, hippy, slutty episode in the waiting room.

It wasn't bad. And I will definately tell everyone what happens with the results as soon as I get them. I was promised by the tech that they would be read and results returned to my doc this afternoon.

Thanks for the luvin' and well wishes everyone! You have no idea what it means to me.



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