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9:29 a.m. - 2005-06-06
Dreamy/ugly actors make the world go round.
There is nothing like an angry, bitter, guilt-ridden penis to brighten a girl's weekend, no?

Happy thoughts...

I'm going to call the Dr late this afternoon for the test results. Its tempting to call now, but he might not even have them yet. At least the end is in sight.

Oh, my farty friend invited me over for pool time yesterday evening, and I have to say that my new tankini, bought on clearance, looked quite nice on my boodha bellied bod. This was the more conservative one. The other is a deep cut halter that's kinda ho-ey, that I'll reserve for special occasions, like swimming with boys I think are cute, in that timeless ugly way.

Speaking of ugly, I'm in the mood for some King @rthur, but I can't figure out how to hook my VCR and DVD player into the cable system. So I am being deprived of one of life's essentials. I have air, I have food and water, but I don't have unlimited exposure to big, ugly men on screen. And it has one of the only positively pretty men I like in it too. Cl1ve 0wen is dreamy. Like rock candy. Pure sugar to look at, but distinctivly odd enough to bypass the whole "I'm prettier than you are" image. Plus that voice... Plus, he can act his pants off.

I think I'll listen to the soundtrack and use my imagination for a while.

Anything to keep me happy, healthy and well adjusted.


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