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7:25 p.m. - 2005-06-05
Fuckin H
I'm feeling much better now after having exited all poisonous substances from my body, and drinking enough classic coke to drown a cow.

The entire experience last night was just weird. I talked in legnth to the nice brother of the bartender who is a bit on the slow side. But so, so sweet.

Then H swaggered in for a drinkie, and proceeded to insult me. Apparently, my demands for regular sex are a bit too girlfriendish, and remind him too much of his ex girlfriend T, and is just too much for him to bear. He wants to have sex several tiems a year, instead of several times a month.

6 years after the bloody split with the wife, and the bitterness is still eating him alive. For god's sake, if I'm too demanding, and I only want some fairly regular booty.

He is stewing in anger and apparently enjoys it that way. But, I was hurt, and offended and so disappointed. I cried like a little baby, because I was rejected by someone I consider a close friend. He told me that I am less than what I am by comparing me to another human being. I am unique and if he can't appreciate that, he needs to go fuck himself.

It sucks. It all sucks.

But, he is just not worth it. Is he?


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