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1:24 p.m. - 2005-06-07
The big, ugly wait.
Yet another entry by the Zen.

I dreamt about K1ng Arhtu& last night. But, surprisingly no Clive. It was the tall one with the huge hands who died on the ice. And he was fantastic...

I can never remember names. I wouldn't know Clive's charactor's name if the movie weren't named for him.

Anyway, if you ever have the opportunity to dream happy dreams about this guy, I can fully recommend him.

Do you ever wonder what men like him look like when they aren't in costume, and looking all hot, sweaty and muddy? Do you think they look like uber geeks? I mean, I've pictured it the other way around, because, you know, every man looks ten times more fuckable in a kilt, but I think I would cry if I saw one of my big uglies all dressed up in a tux, with manicured nails and a geek face. Or worse, all pimped out and blinged up driving a black M3rcedes with gold trim. Eeeek!

I feel the same way when I see an SUV made by C@dillac or 1incoln. You just don't luxury up some things.

BTW - The results have been sent to my doc, but he is out of the office til Thursday. The receptionist said for me to call on Friday afternoon if I haven't heard back yet.


So, I will just have to give up the waiting game and give in to the fact tht I have absolutely no control over this matter. No more anxiousness, no more pins and needles. Nuthin.

(still pouting)


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