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3:25 p.m. - 2005-06-07
Another blasted survey to help me ignore the waiting thing.
Entry I've been too bored to exist today:

A quiz, swiped from the lovely, teenaged Amber-Yoder, who I found via a search, who probably shouldn't read my diary, because it isn't suitable for young ears/eyes, but looks remarkably like me. Freakishly so. But, I'm not favoriting her because she's too young to read the stuff I write.

Name: Zencelt
Nicknames: Zen, Timmay
Gender: female
Age: 34
Birthday: You missed it already
Siblings: one
Children: dog
Pets: same as above
Height: 5’7” (used to be 5'8" - what happened?)
Weight: About 40-60 above what's recommended - half of that in my boobs, 1'4 in my boodha belly, and the otehr 1/4 in my bootay
Hair Color: bronze brown via dye
Eye Color: green like moss and pine trees
Eye Color Of Choice?: same as above
Current Residence: a lovely apartment above a lovely coffee house
(x)-Do you tap your foot? No, but I wiggle my toes a lot
(x)-Do you chew on things? Everything
(x)-Do you make your bed daily? Only on special occasions
( )-Do you hum aloud without realizing it? No, but I talk to myself
(x)-Do you play with your hair? Yup
( )-Do you constantly check on your appearance? No, I'm always cute
( )-Do you talk to yourself often? OH, well, yeah
(x)-Do you constantly day dream? Yup
(x)-Do you close the door after entering a room? no
( )-Does your voice fluctuate when you’re nervous? I think so
(x)-Do you look at the person that you're talking to? Yes
Have you ever broken a bone?: all of them, almost
Have you ever had sugery?: yup
Has either of your parents died?: my father : ((
Which shoe goes on first?: depends on which I find first
How much money do you try to carry in your wallet?: I'm usually cashless, thanks to check cards
What jewelry do you wear 24/7?: none
Favorite piece of clothing: jeans
Pajamas: t-shirt
How often do you brush your teeth?: am, and after meals mostly
How often do you shower?: once or twice a day, depending if I got sweaty at the gym, or my fricking hot apartment (Sully can get that central air finished today)
How long does your shower last?: five to ten minutes
Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair? oh yeah
Do you paint your nails?: just toes
Red or white?: white
Sunrise or sunset?: sunset
Beach or mountains?: both
Comedy or drama?: drama
Summer or winter?: summer
Written or spoken?: both; each for different reasons
Fiction or nonfiction?: fiction
Hug or kiss?: depends on the person, my favorite men get big, wet, sloppy ones
Planned or spontaneous?: spontaneous
Animal: big dogs
Food: seafood
Month: October
Day: Saturdays,Halloween, St. Patricks
Band/Singer: Gordon Lightfoot
Song: Don't Fear the Reaper
Instrument: violin
Shoe Brand: Mudd
Jewelry: funky watches
Subject in school: I'm so past the school thing. I loved philosophy and International Studies though
Color: dark lavender
Sport: Ice Hockey!!!!!!!
Television show: Deadw00d, L0st, H0use
Best Looking Male Celebrity: Me, objectify men???
Guy's Name: Anything Irish or Scottish
Girl's Name: Zencelt
Vacationing Spot: anywhere new
1. What has been the best moment of...
-a. ... the past 24 hours?: too weird a question -
b. ... the past 7 days?: too weird a question
-c. ... the past 30 days?: too weird a question
-d. ... the past 12 months?: too weird a question
-e. ... the past 5 years?: too weird a question
2. Name people that make you feel the happiest?: My D-land friends (including Six, E.P.G. and Batten)and Sully.
3. Name the person in your life that makes you feel most attractive?: Cruise ship waiters who trip themselves while looking at me.
4. Has anyone ever written you a song?: don't think so -- wanna try?
5. Have you ever written a song for someone?: puhlease. Have you seen how I write? Can you imagine a song??? LOL!


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