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11:12 a.m. - 2005-06-16
Working out the chub.
Wow. I have another friend who is scheduling surgery for weight loss. This girl is rather large, but fit and firm. Lovely. Get's dates like mad with guys who love bigger women.

But, she's uncomfortable in her own skin, and is over 100 lbs over weight, though you'd never believe it. I've never seen her smile so brightly. She's full of the joy of thoughts of a bikini by next summer.

I wished her well in her decision, and offered my support. I don't know what I would do if I were in her position. I complain about a little belly and chub around the arms, and here she is 125 over her "ideal weight" and considering a surgical solution.

I have no opinion on it. But, it makes me grateful for a basically fit body, and good self esteem.

I want to hop on the elliptical machine right now. And eat a fruit.

I'm definately going to the gym after work tonight. I cut my workout short last night because my batteries ran out. In my walkman. I can't work out to no music. Although it is funny to hear the muscle men grunting in the background. If only I could watch them workout, but they are in a separate part of the gym where the free weights are. I like watching men lift free weights. And cars, and big stones and huge tires.

The best inspriation for me at the gym would be a nice strong man contest on the TV instead of the Jacko trial or freakin' MTV. I guess MTV does sort of have a place at a gym, but I think the news should be outlawed. How can I get in a adequate workout if I am staring at a dreary news anchor sitting on his ass?

I combat this influence by listening to club trance as loud as I can get it. I close my eyes, and bounce around as if I'm in a hot club in Cancun dancing on the bar for beads.

That my friends is inspiring too.


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