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10:15 p.m. - 2005-07-22
Too single to eat alone.
Me at a restaurant tonight:

Me - Looking around because there are tons of hostess types looking at me but not coming to seat me.

Girl - I'm sorry, I didn't come over because you're waiting for someone.

Me - Oh no, just one.

Girl - What?

Me - Just me, for dinner.

Girl - Oh, OK, you come with me. (Does a little dance on the way to the table.)

Girl - You don't have a husband?

Me - Um, well, uh, see... No.

Girl - You're still searching, huh?

Me - Yeah. Well, no. I'm just waiting for the right one to fall on my lap pretty much. Not really searching per se. (Hands flapping in the air with no real purpose.)

Girl - Oh. Well don't you worry. It'll happen one day. Soon I think. Yeah, real soon. Your too cute to be alone.

Me - Oh, um, yeah. Thanks.

Girl - Keep searching!

Me - Uh huh.

I'll never go to B0b Evans alone again...


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