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1:05 p.m. - 2005-07-26
Ass not so bad.
I was trying on jeans yesterday, because the ones I own are starting to get a little loose and, well, I've got to get them before the back to school rush starts.

Yes, I wear kid jeans. Not little kid jeans, but low waisted, boot legged, chubby personed kid jeans from the junior section. Gotta love that they make 15/16s to accomodate my rather hippy assedness. It used to be difficult to find them in anything above an 11/12. God bless 'em.

But the important thing is, I tried them on in one of those dressing room swith the three way mirror, so couldn't help but look at my ass. And you know? Its really not bad. Its out there, but not ugly. It had been a while since I'd looked directly at it, per se. And I never noticed how small my waist looks from the back either. Well, not small, but smaller than the shoulders and bootay. Kind of hourglass. Now, from the side, my belly looks like Buddha, but its kind of cute. Until I sit down, then it really looks like Buddha. Know what I mean? But, the boobs still stick out farther, so I can fake it a little ;)

Remember that twig and water diet I was supposed to be on so my blood pressure and cholesterol/triglycerides would go down? Yeah, it lasted for week or two. I'm so bad. Bad Zen.

Maybe I'm identifying too much with the Buddha thing. It could be.

I should probably meditate on it.


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