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9:11 a.m. - 2005-08-10
Buga and kilts.
I need someone about 6 feet tall or more to come to my apartment and get the praying mantis off the ceiling of my bedroom.

My 5'8" body isn't quite long enough to make the capture without hurting him even if I stand on my stool.

And he's creeping me out. I'll probably go home tonight and won't be able to find him, and several months later will find him in between my sweaters or something, rotting carcass and all.

I can't sleep with a bug in my room.

I need to add to my future husband/mate requirements: tall enough to capture endangered bugs from ceiling without harming them.

I'm keeping the kilt requirement though...

Speaking of which, its only 39 days till KILT weekend at the Rennaissance Festival. If you'd like to see your own personal Zen tagging behind kilted men like a puppy with drool running down her chin, that would be the time to come. Its pathetic, I know. But, I'm told its also highly entertaining.


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