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12:18 p.m. - 2005-08-23
I totally scored some Budwe!ser posters for the Sully b-day party on my lunch break. I'm collecting that, and getting some Irish/green decorations to make the party hall look like an Irish bar, which is just so appropriate for our boy's 40th.

I also stopped by the distributor in town to see what they might have, and got a card for the man to talk to. I'll be calling later this afternoon to see what he might be able to give me.

Since Sully is the Number 1 consumer of their flagship product, I think they owe him some paraphernalia luvin'.

Wish me luck...

And I'm still feeling all those lovely little muscle itches from my new workout last night. I think that writing about how an ex stole my groove loosened a chip from my shoulder and opened a door.

Cool, huh?


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