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9:14 a.m. - 2005-09-08
Mom infection.
I was having a perfectly peaceful, restful evening with homemade chicken corn soup and Monsoon Wedding, when my door bell was rung mother.

Eewww. I had already talked to her about an hour prior and said that I was fine and I just wanted to hang out by myself and go to bed early.

I was so freakin' annoyed! She even brought ice cream and practically railroaded me into having her get food from across the street. I told her about three times that I had already eaten,a dn when I put the ice cream in the freezer, she got all hurt.


Then she stayed until the movie was over.


It had been three months since she had been to my house and I know she was dying for a reason to visit.

So much for my restful evening.

I also had to give her a key because there is nobody else who is nearby who can let me in if I'm an idiot. So even if I hadn't answered the door, she would have come in anyway on the premiss that I might be dead and she needed to check.

I need to remedy that situation.

Now I feel like I need to purify my space.


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