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5:52 p.m. - 2005-09-26
If there could be a bright spot in my two week stretch of working more than breathing, it would be Gera@rd But1er.

Yes. I have a new boyfriend, and his name is Gerry. Honest!!!

OK, in my dreams, but it is almost as good.

My friend J's daughter is responsible. I remember seeing this really hot guy (meaning big and ugly) in the movie version of Phant0m of the 0pera, but it really didn't click. Then I watched Dear Fr@ankie and holy cow. The man is big, he's ugly (or at least not pretty), and he has some mad talent. I mean TALENT. (Yes I'm shouting. Its been a HELL of a week.) Beautiful intensity. Gorgeous interpretation of the charactor.

THEN, J's daughter, who has the good taste to be as star struck as I am, sent me a link to a site with HIM in a leather KILT.

I was a gonner.

No amount of overtime (yeah, right) could wipe the memory of that man in a leather kilt bouncing up and down a stage. What I would have given to have been in the front row of that one...

Thank goodness for tastydeliciouswanttodevouritwhole man candy to brighten a Zen's life a bit.

BTW - Dear Fr@ankie was a kick ass flick. I highly recommend it on all levels.

But that brings me back to J, and the lovely dinner she prepared for us in Friday. She owed me dinner because I worked a couple of weekends for her and I demanded payment.

It was awesome. Wine on the deck, make it yourself rice wraps with avocado, chicken, shrimp, cucumber, cilantro, basil, raw almonds, fruit, kashi, dipping sauce, etc. Followed by warm sake and girl talk among the three of us, including much teenaged talk about Mr. Leather Kilt wearer.

I love teenage girls. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, make collages from clippings of their favorite actors (at least I don't do that), and glow with excitement at every thought. She was a mess!

Saturday I went to tea at a local tearoom then spent the rest of the day entertaining my dog before knuckling down for the 23 hour workfest which continued through today. I did sneak in a few hours of snoozery and a shower.

Its going so well though that I can't complain. I have an amazing team.

Oh yeah, I got my car looked at. 350 Friday, and 250 in three weeks for the parts/labor. I had to split it up because 600 in one paycheck would have killed me. They are really cool about that.

THEN I had to go fight the tire people to replace two tires which had cracks on the sidewalls while under warrenty. 3.5 hours of argue, wait, argue, wait. They said the cracks were from me spinning out my tires screeching to a halt repeatedly. Torquing my tires as it were. And from dry rot.

In the months that I've had these tires, I have never "torqued" them. I don't drive my commuter car like a race car driver, nor have I been in a near accident where I've slammed on the brakes and torqued the damn things. Besides, I've done my research now, and I was right. As new and fresh as they were, there should have been no torque damage or dry rot.

I finally told them to replace the tires since they were deemed dangerous, then put the old ones in my trunk for me to take to get a second opinion. And I told them to give me the number for the warrently company. If they couldn't get me refunded, I would. That's when the manager looked at them, overrode the mechanic, and applied the factory warrenty.

Still some $ out of my pocket, but at least I only paid for the miles I rode on them.

Oh, and the mechanic who said I torqued my tires?


He TORQUED my tires driving it out of the garage twice, then again when he jammed on the brakes to stop the car.

I laughed till I cried.


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