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1:17 p.m. - 2005-11-17
So my Dr.s' office called today saying that it is time for my quarterly blood tests to see how ye ole cholesterol and triglycerides are doing, and whether the meds to lower them and my BP are wrecking my liver.

She asked about my diet lately, and I was honest that I was eating cruise food (= pizza and fries), fast food, restaurant food and frozen meals mostly.

I do well on low fat/low salt diets for a while, bringing food to Bawlmer so I don't rip into the fast food/frozen shit business and blow my efforts due to post-drunken ravenousness.

Then after a while I start to feel good and slack off a bit here, a bit there, then sooner or later find myself eating like an 11 year old kid with a high metabolism.

I've been feeling crappy lately, mostly due to the feminine issues making me feel pain and bloating in grand proportions. But I also feel the slow, heavy feeling of too much crap in my system (not meaning the kind that goes into the toilet, directly).

So anyway, nurse tells me to print out the DASH diet from the internet and get on it. I've been on meds far too long for someone so young and cute (OK, I added the cute part), and its about time I get off my ass and did something good for myself that will have a permanant impact on my life.

Well then.

All kinds of people are popping out of the closet to tell me a thing or two about what I should be doing. In a good way. I guess my reality check is due and fate is whapping me across the head.

DASH diet. Sounds like something to run from.


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