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10:26 a.m. - 2005-11-16
No Max yesterday, but hopefully that means he can spend a lot of time with us on Sunday.

Yay! Sunday!

Christmas is coming hard and fast now. My neighbors are all decorated for Christmas, the Christmas music is blaring from the stores and radios, I'm being asked for my wish list...

Why can't I enjoy fall and Thanksgiving before Christmas is shoved up my ass like a bad dildo? We all know how I feel about anything "entering" my heiney. Exit only.

Can I go back to Bermuda now, please? I didn't see a glimpse of Christmas there, and they don't even have Thanksgiving in Bermuda. Its British. So there's nothing stopping them from pulling out all the Christmas stops, except that it isn't December yet and people there take their time getting to the holidays.

Taking your time. What a concept, huh?


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