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10:25 a.m. - 2005-12-12
Hi everyone! Its me, Zen, back from her New Year's celebrations in The City.

It was awesome! I got serenaded, kissed a strange boy on the cheek, drank till I got loopy, licked a tasty cigarette and spent the evening with some of my favorite people.

Like Six said, fuck the calendar. I've had my celebration. I'm sure I'll get drunk dialed on the actual holiday, and I look forward to it.

Last night, I had the strangest dreams. Weird dreams for me. The first was a nightmare about having a stroke. In the dream, I woke up, feeling like I was on a boat in rough waters, and my bed was swaying harder and harder. I realize that I wasn't on a boat, and that it was a problem with my head, then I realized that I couldn't speak. I tried calling 911 on my cell, then I woke up for real.

I swear the bed was still swaying.

I shook it off and went back to sleep. Then I dreamed that I was in the storyline of LOTR, during the battle. I was really fighting. It lasted forever. I liked that dream whole lot better. But the weird thing is, I've never had a dream like that. Where I was aware that I was me, and I was part of a movie.

I like kicking ass a lot more than feeling helpless.

Maybe that's an indication of how surgery is going to go. I'm going to kick ass!

That's more like it.

BTW - So many people have left me comforting and encouraging messages that I don't know where to start. I'll just tell everyone thank you. Good friends and family make the hard times seem a lot more temporary.

Hugs and kisses!


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