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10:45 a.m. - 2006-02-13
Max's big joke.
So, Max was telling me about this wonderful, to die for, absolute favorite of favorites "Black Cake" that his mom makes, one afternoon on the cruise. I gather its a unique kind of fruitcake made throughout the Caribbean. Apparently, its on the scale of Death by Chocolate for a chocoholic.

Anyway, he was telling me that "this nice girl" made him a special black cake and served him a slice Saturday afternoon in her kitchen. She made it just for him, and it really hit the spot. It was lucious, fruity, moist, all good things cake.

On and on he went, about this stupid cake made for HIM by this "really nice girl" that she invited him over to eat. In her kitchen. A wonderous slice of heaven. Washed down with fresh fruit juice on such a hot day of laboring in her garden. Where she could look out her window and see him all sweaty and soiled up and, ahhhh sexy.

BUt then, in the background, I hear laughter that sounds like a man is dying from it. I utter a verbalization, something like hmmmmm. Or uhhh huh. One eyebrow raised. Waiting for Max to get over himself. Meanwhile, I'm looking around for blunt instruments that I would hit him over the head with if he were in my presence, or at least my country.

Anyway, he comes back after a very brief chat with the laughing man. He mentions that perhaps the cake might not have been made for him especially, that indeed it may have been made at Christmas, and frozen, and maybe he was only given a slice because he had worked in the garden of his injured friend who's WIFE had made the cake and served them both a piece. Oh, and yes, his friend's wife is a very nice girl.

Did Zen get temporarily jealous that some hobitchslut was serving her favorite man cake and trying to lure him in with her feminine wiles?


Oh no.

I'm in trouble.

He softened the blow with an offer for a cruise for me and Six though. We get the "girlfriends and family" discount which he will look up then get back to us on. On some cruise lines that equals half price on others its free. So he'll let us know which it is. Either way, its a chance to see him again before October when his contract is up. He'll have a couple of weeks before his next contract at that time.

Have you ever known Six and I to turn down a cruise?


I'm going to go look at the itinerary and start daydreaming.


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