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10:20 a.m. - 2006-02-20
Bad hair months ahead.
I go my hair cut and colored Saturday, and got hacked.

I specifically told the girl to do the same exact cut, 1/4 inch only with the ends in front longer than the ends in back, that I was growing it out and to do the same color.

The color fucked up, because the girls all said it ws oxidized (thanks for telling me AFTER it was on my head and screwed up) AND she cut over an inch off, I think because she screwed up, and made the back longer than the front.

So in essence, she did the OPPOSITE of what I asked.

All the while she's bragging to all her friends about how much she loves to do my hair because I'm so flexible and she can do fun things with it and I won't care. I said loudly that I'm flexible with suggestions as long as my demands are met, which they weren't. And that I did not like the cut. She said to come back later in the week and she would fix it if I still didn't like it, but that would mean my hair would be even SHORTER.

The really sad thing, is that Max loves my long hair. He couldn't care less if its purple, but he loves to play with it. I love him to play with it too. That's why I never get my hair cut short. I love the feel of it on my neck.

So, needless to say, I'm pissed.

I'll be walking back in that shop later in the week to educate her in customer service, and how the customer is more important that her need to express herself. And how I'm getting my money back and getting my color redone elsewhere.

Why is it impossible to find someone to cut my hair the way I want it to be cut without being a bitch? Just because I'm nice does not mean you can do whatever the hell you want. It happens all the time. Everywhere I go, I love the first cut or two, then wham. They go razor happy because they think I am their free canvas.

Does anyone have advice on how to get what you want every time you get your hair done? How not to be taken advantage of? I communicate so clearly. "1/4 inch trim, exactly like you did it last time, I LOVE the long pieces in front that frame my jaw." That was interpreted as, " Cut the pieces under my jaw short, so I look like I had a bowl over my head when you cut it, change the layering so that it all falls into my face and won't piece out, and take off a good inch, inch and a half while you're at it."

Fuck me.


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