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9:28 a.m. - 2006-02-27
Attempted murder and shopping. Huh.
I went shopping yeasterday after having been VERY NEARLY KILLED by a very big bridge that lost a VERY BIG POLE/RAFTER thingie and it bounced off the roadway then came up and hit my front bumper. Nice big crack right on the corner.

As usual, I drove through the situation with nothign more than a "FUCK!!! That better not have punctured my tire because its fucking cold out there and I'll be damned if I won't make one of those mean ass toll booth people come out and put the damn donut on because its the bridges fault it threw a fucking shoe and it landed ON ME!!!"

OK. So maybe not all of that came out of my mouth at the time. I pretty much said FUCK!!! and said the rest to myself.

But seriously, Six, her Momma and I almost bit it on the top of a VERY BIG BRIDGE because one inch in any direction and we would have been beheaded, flipped over the rail or some other very horrible thing.

I had dreams about being almost run over by trains all night.

I am, however, excessively proud of all of us because nobody freaked out, we counted our blessings, and we continued on our journey like nothing happened.

I didn't think about it at the time, but someone should have probably called the police to notify the roads department. I don't know where the VERY LARGE BRIDGE PART went after it bounced off my bumber, but I didn't see it once it hit. I'm afraid someone else might hit it or maybe it will go over the side and fall onto a boat or something. I'll have to call someone today.

Anyway, shopping? Yeah. Right. Shoes. I saw them, I loved them, they didn't come in a 9.5. Its so hard to find dressy shoes that fit my gargantuan feet. Plus, most midrise sandals have a thong (think blisters fom hell...), only cover the front of the foot, thus leaving the back half slipping and flopping all over the place) don't have a back strap to secure it, have rock hard soles that nobody should have to suffer (walking on wood planks??? Really!) OR have rough materials, ouchy stitching, or some other blister causing or spine twisting, or ankle breaking feature.

I know exactly what I want. I can see it in my head. I found it at a department store, but no 9.5. There's never a 9.5.

So I may be wearing black sandals with a brown outfit after all.

But the funniest thing is, I'm worried about black-vs-brown sandals. And if you asked Six, she'd shake her head in wonder. It is very unlike Zencelt to worry that much about a stupid outfit.

Anyway, I did get a couple pairs of much needed work/casual pants from Hot T0pic. So that's good. I love that I can pair something from a punk/goth store with a fairly conservative top and call it work attire. Makes me feel like a rebel.


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