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10:21 p.m. - 2006-04-23
Weekend festivities.
I had an awesome weekend on the shore with my shore friends.

Friday, I played a dice game with about 12 other women, all married and mothers, who had shed their appendeges for the evening for games and drink. You've never seen a wild party will you've rid a bunch of women of their families and they can express themselves freely for a change. It was an experience for the perpetually single.

The next day, my friend and I jumped in puddles, let rain roll down our faces and romped from shop to shop , making boutique store owners nervous and apparently, towed a married infidel in our wake. Everywhere we went, he ditched his wife to follow. And made sure that he got in our way if we went through a hallway or door passage. He finally stopped me, asked whetehr my hair color was real, then said what pretty Irish girl I had to be with that black hair and green eyes.

I sort of flinched at the hair color question, gave his a look that said, "You are an assholriffic ball get out of my "Pretty Irish Face" before I bust your ass on the sidewalk.

Married balls need to keep them in their trousers properly chained. He's lucky I didn't backhand him like I did the dude on the river in Belize. Then again, this one didn't reach out and grab boobage. He just put himself in their way.


I did recover, however, and made friends with a dude in a Caribbean shop who was really delightful. I bought the best mustard in the world from him. Literally. It has an award, and it is some outstanding mustard. I'm a big mustard fan. Especially now that I have the very best right in my fridge, next to the garlic stuffed olives, and that taste nothing like garlic, which I kind of like, because these are huge hunks.

This afternoon, we headed out to the local fire station for what is called a"feed".

I got fed.

A lot.

I'm still full.

It was good.

A very enjoyable weekend overall. I enjoyed spending time with my oldest friend on the world, his wife, who went to our college, and their boys. I don't get there very often, and weekend like this remind me how much I really enjoy being there. When crab season hits, you bet I'll be making time. Because, I get to pluck them out of the bay myself, and pick the very best ones.



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