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2:38 p.m. - 2006-05-01
See ya later M.
PT went well today. I got stretched out and I feel lots better. I also have a home program and a work program. And I go to PT twice a week for a few.

I'm feeling pretty positive about this. The PT felt that my condition could be fixed and maintained so I don't have to have surgery later on in life, though I am really young to be having the spine issues that I have. Which sounds odd now, given that they started when I was 19, and athletic.

Age seems to have nothing to do with anything anymore. Diseases that were once reserved for our grandparents are becoming the norm for us.

Six and I have a friend who is being buried tomorrow. Breast cancer. Several years of active cancer and remission. She was 38 when she died Friday.

I don't know about you, but I remember a time when breast cancer was for women over 40. Mostly women well over 40, with a history of breast cancer. Nowadays, you just never know. I thought that with all the research dollars being poured into cancer that we'd have a cure by now. It seems so simple to a pedestrian like me. Cure cancer. Stop the excess growth of cells. Create a virus that kills cancer cells without harming the good ones. There are creatures that can do that externally, why not replicate their behavior in a virus to it can system-wide and kill all the bad cells?

Not that all this thinking will bring back M. Nothing but our memories and the love of those who were close to her can do that.

In a perfect world...


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