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2:09 p.m. - 2006-05-15
Half an honest thief.
While I very much appreciate my ID and check card being returned to me, I would also like the 61 dollars that were in my lost/stolen wallet to be returned to me as well, because that was my gas money for two weeks. Fucker!

Does it really make one feel better to have stolen cash, but not ID or other cards? Does only half of you go to hell, while the other lays back on a chaise lounge by the pool in heaven, ordering up margaritas?

God, I need to have my personal belongings stapled to my forehead from now on. Then if I am parted with them, I have no excuse not to tell myself I'm an idjit.

Anyway, apart from petty crime, my weekend was lovely. Sorta. I took my mom to tea at a famous swanky hotel, which was an experience in being treated like royalty. I liked it and I didn't. I didn't being hovered over, but I did like that the hovering was done my beautiful men in tuxedos. Every time I got up to pee, there was a man to pull my chair out, one to excort me to teh dining room entrance, four along the hallway to wish me a pleasant day and bow to me, and then several more sprinkled throughout the lobby to direct me to the loo. It was a little disconcerting.

And there was a professional photographer who wouldn't get out of my face the entire time I was eating scones and drinking tea. I wanted to break out my camera and take pictures of him incessantly to show him how it felt. Or shove his camera up his ass.

How about both?

Yesterday I hung out at my nephew's house to celebrate mother's day, again. (Too much mother exposure in one weekend.) The nephew has lost all traces of baby. He officially looks like a little kid. And acts like one. And almost talks like one. Almost... Its babble, but it means something to him.

Its so funny how I relate every developmental change to my dog. Every time he does something new, or cops a new attitude, I can think of a story when my dog did the same thing. I keep those to myself, though. Because parents aren't thrilled with having their kids compared to dogs.

Six, on the other hand, had a fun filled weekend with a concert and a bunch of our friends. I have to admit, that while having beautiful men wait on me hand and foot is nice, I'd rather be in a pack of friends enjoying good music and comraderie.

Next weekend...


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