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7:51 a.m. - 2006-05-16
Wierd Max dream and a thingie.
So I had this dream last night that Max called on a Thursday from home, because he had lost the bulk of his family. The king (???) had visited on a ship, which brought a tentanus type disease and wiped out his kids and most of his family. He was crying. Then, it was discoverd that there was a huge fire in Texas which caused the deaths.


Anyway, here's a thingie swiped from Nacwolin to ponder:

You scored as Earth-Child. You're a very peaceful person who has very strong beliefs. Others see you as spiritual, and you really are. You see magic as a resource to be used wisely. The earth really is your mother, and you'll remain close to her as long as you live.



One Intelectual Individual


Original Hippie


New Age Hippie


Not a Hippie




What type of hippie are you?
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