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1:05 p.m. - 2006-12-19
Here I go
Click this to read the biggest news in the UK this morning.

I do hope that Scottish military are REQUIRED to wear undies with their kilts. Yes. I said that. Now, when one does not have to share, it is perfectly acceptable to air out the family jewels. Even encouraged...

Oh God. Have you seen the ads for the Vin Diesel flick "Find me Guilty"? I'll never look at Vin quite the same way again...

Which brings me to...I had another dream about H last night. We had gotten married and had the families together for the reception and my 60 something Aunt from Alabama french kissed him to welcome him to the family.

The really funny thing is that he had long, stringy white hair, and was about 50 lbs heavier than the last time I saw him. He looked hysterical!

I think not having had a date in the last six months is making me a little petrified that I'll end up at 40 and think marrying Tom is an improvement over being single. You know those promises friends make about marrying eachother if they hit a certain age where sex, children and love don't matter anymore? I made one with my childhood friend, but we flew past the OLD age marker of 30 five years ago.

I really don't want to be one of those women who starts worrying about being thirty something and not married yet. I really, really don't. But my subconsious is getting the best of me while I sleep. All I could think when I woke up was, I'm halfway to 70. This sucks.

Its not the age so much as the lack of a familia. I really wanted one. Yes, I know I've got a couple years left, but lord, if it hasn't happened yet, I fear I'm just not supposed to have it. So I might as well resign to a life of spinsterhood and buy the stupid house, and the black dresses with white collars, buy a rocking chair for the front porch I will have one day, and adopt a few cats.

Its OK. I'm a little eccentric as it is. I'll just give myself permission to go all the way so I can have fun being the crazy cat lady down the street. Except, I don't like cats.

Well, I don't like most cats.

Well, pretty much animals that go potty inside the house.

Pitiful, huh?


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