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4:15 p.m. - 2007-02-16
The plan for the evening.
La, la, la.

I finally scooped - or more accurately, hacked away at the ice and unburied my SUV, that Six affectionately calls Willy.

It took an axe, a sicle, a spade and a pointy shovel, and my shoulders are screaming!!!

The snow had turned to ice, and was stuffed like a hoagie under, around and on top of my vehicle. Not very nice of that plow guy.

Luckily, I was able to break enough away from the tires (which were filled to the rims with ice) and around the sides to enable the 4wheel drive to power over the humps.

If anyone would like to stop by and apply some deep tissue massage techniques, please do. I'll even throw in dinner :))

Anyway, I was supposed to go to Bawlmer and do some Drinkin' with Lincoln with Six and company, but I was born a blond, and forgot that I had this concert thingie with Johnny (the guy I've been having fantasies about, but thought was stupid, then learned was so briliant he's crazy - you know the type).

So, I had to send my regrets - which are heavy - because I REALLY MISS SIX, and REALLY WANTED TO GET DRUNK.

Crap! I'm still going to have fun though.

Because I'm me.


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