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7:55 a.m. - 2007-03-12
Buddha Ball.
OH, GOD I wish he wouldn't make some man a nice boyfriend...

I just can't get past the femininity factor. And the fact that his very nice ass is the size on one of my thighs, and my thighs are pretty tight. Not one of my larger features.

Too skinny, too pretty, and too feminine.

But oh so fun, adorable, smart, entertaininng and comfy to be with. So I'll be going out with him again. But with no chemistry, I guess we'll be going out as buds.

What a shame.

So, onward and upward I guess. I have to admit, though, that this guy is the cream of the crop thus far in my dating life. So it is, in general, improving.

But the date itself...

We met at his place, where we drank tea, listened to music, and chatted. He has a really nice place, very clean, neat, minimalist, and decorated by art made by his friends.

Very cool.

Then, it was off to dinner at the mostly veggie restaurant where we gobbled down some amazing fish before hitting the movie theatre, where we saw a foreign flick about rape, incest, murder, death of close relatives and men bashing.

I picked it. But, in my defense, the summary of the move make no reference to these topics, and the movie sounded much more cute than traumatic. We had a good giggle about it being the worst ever first date movie.

We decided that we were both much depressed and weirded out and in need of dessert to cheer us up. Which was awesome!

Then we made our way back to the residence of the man who will now be referred to as "Buddha Ball", as he is a Buddhist (or about as Buddhist as I am as he does not define himself with lables either). And we parted ways with a hug. No kissing this time. It just didn't seem to be there.

So, there you go. My date with Buddha Ball.


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