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8:45 p.m. - 2007-05-11
Hi! Me again.

I went out with Johnny Tremain again. Dinner. It was fun. And I've decided that I really like the feel of stubble. So I wanna find a man with stubble to smooch. Can't smooch Johnny though. Because he'd get too attached I think, and he's just not a member of our earthbound family. Ya know? But oh so fun.

Oh, and the stubble comments stemmed from a great hug where we squished cheeks together and his was stubbly and nice.

I'm going to sunny California Monday through Friday next week. For work. I'm prepared. It might even be fun. I like the guys that will be out there with me. And I'll get to have dinner with my college roomie too. I wanted to take an extra day off, but we ended up scheduling that day with meetings, so no Disneyland for me : ((

But I'm really enjoying my relationship with my yoga friend and her roommate. She and I went to a Yoga Nidra (meditation) class last night after work, then followed it up with a lovely dinner at a vegetarian restaurant. Awesome stuff.

Hey, did you know that wine and beer have sulphites in them and if you're allergic to sulphur they can make you really sick? Apparently, they put these cheap antibiotics in their booze to preserve them or something. That's why I always turn red when i drink it. So I'm on a mission to find organic wine that has no sulphites.

Because I REALLY dig me some wine.


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