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7:46 a.m. - 2008-05-30
Blah, blah, blah
Well, the week has gone by in a flash. It all started with last Friday, after work, heading to the mountains to drink vodka and beer and hang with hillbillies.

It was a long weekend. Time off I desperately needed. Time to unwind, do absolutely nothing, read a book, talk, breathe, look at a camp fire, curl up in a cabin, and just be...

There's something about being at The Cabin that removes me from life as I know it. Its like going back in time, before technology, before being grown up...

And Six's family is my family is so many ways. So its like being home too.

Sometimes a girl just wants to go home and be taken care of.

Moving on... This week has a been one big preparation activity for a big meeting in Steakland next week. I used to look forward to flying and going places, but now, with all the clusterfuck at the airports, I'd rather just skip it if its not for vacation.

And I don't eat steak. So what's the fun in going to the state where steaks are as plentiful as air?


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