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7:56 a.m. - 2008-11-24
Pretty darned good weekend.
I saw Tw1light twice this weekend. Once with my yoga friend. And again with my god-son/pseudo nephew.

Both LOVED IT! Just like me. What a cuper cute flick. Great story, well cast, and given the amount of story in the book, pretty well edited to catch the main storylines and general feel of the novel.

Two thumbs up.

It was so great spending one on one time with my favorite kid on earth prior to my real nephew. This is a boy I would have gladly taken in as my own at any time ever since I met him when he was four or so. He's such a sweet, talented, responsible guy, despite a pretty torrid life so far. My friends (his dad and step-mom) got full custody a couple years ago when his mom abandoned him one night. In fact, she abandoned all her kids (like 5 or six of them?) But, she made sure the others had places to go before shutting the door. All over a new boyfriend who didn't like kids. And now that she's been dumped, she's all over my god-son.

I've never met the bitch, and hope I never do. I'd probably puke in her face.

But, my favorite god-child and I had some good bonding time over the hot men/boys in the movie. (I keep thinking to myself that the actors are older than their charactors so I don't feel like such a perv). He wouldn't commit, but I think GS was totally into Edward (who wouldn't be...), and I kept saying that I wanted Jasper as a pet. Jasper is just too adorable for words. Really, you've GOT to see this movie. Beautifully mindless entertainment, and gorgeous men (this coming from a woman who thinks Stone C0ld Steve @ustin is hot).

So, I had a good weekend. There was a parade with my nephew, a town tree lighting, a greak flick with my yoga friend and bonding time with GS. Life is pretty darned good.


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