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7:57 a.m. - 2009-06-17
Misc update
For those who enjoy trashy, yet well written Regency romance as much as I do, please check out Jo Beverley's Company of Rogue's series. It's been getting me through the dregs of spring this year.

I love it when I find a new to me author. I've been hooked on Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, and Candice Camp for ages, because they write stuff that doesn't annoy me, and write charactors that hop from book to book so you can keep up with their soap opera-ish lives along the series.

But mostly because they are delish.

So I'm working my way through the Company of Rogues now and am absolutely hooked.

I wonder why - when they're so popular - nobody has thought to make movies of these books. Lot's of sappy story loving women like me would be happy to go see them.

Anyway, what's going on? Nothing really. Still standing on the knife edge that is the possible transfer. Hotlanta is the most attractive option, but y'all know how much I LOVE heat and humidity... And really, my friends and family are here. But, I'm still paying off my last credit card and I need the steady salary. When I'm finally through, I'll be able to not care so much about income. But for now, I'm still a slave to the paycheck.

So maybe I'd move temporarily. But with my mom and step-dad getting older, its really a bad time. Not to mentin my mom will have a heart attack over it.

Not looking forward to it.

I'm going to look into some neighborhoods anyway. Just to see what I'd be getting myself into.


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