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8:31 a.m. - 2009-07-29
Quick update
(Waving madly)

Hi everyone! I'm still alive, just working very hard, and my home computer has been misbehaving. It only works sometimes...

Not much going on, other than I found a really cheap housekeeper (sister of my mom's friend) who has made this place livable again. Thank god...

I've been working extra hard because a guy who worked for me retired early, and I inherited all his shit.

The possibility of having to transfer to another state is still hanging over my head, which makes me feel like life really sucks. I have pretty much decided that if the move isn't north (which it isn't), I'm not going. But then, I'll have to work fast food because nothing else is available.

Maybe I'll get myself a kayak like that Tyler guy and go over waterfalls for a living...

I've been watching Monarch of the Glen lately, having found the total season at a yard sale. Its pretty good! Its no Ballykissangel, but it'll do.

Hope everyone is surviving out there!


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