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9:37 a.m. - 2009-08-14
Why I haven't been around.
Hi all! I've been suffering from work-itis. And I've had laptop issues, which I recently resolved, so I've been kinda quiet lately.

Not much new going on. Still eating too much to fend off the work stress, which is ever increasing. Witch hunts are the new policy, looking for any tiny thing to fire people over. Picking off people at my level at my location to start to get rid of us.

People are sick and having stress related hospital visits. I've just been buried in food and escapism (read books and movies).

I worked till 2am this morning, testing activities for a huge implementation at the end of the month, with everything going wrong at every turn. I inherited it from a guy I laid off. He wanted to be laid off - he's so tired... He wanted it. But it left me with a bit of a mess and a workload that's unbearable.

Hopefully it'll clear up next month, but I've ceased really believing in fairy stories... It'll never end. But there are no other jobs to be had, and the market is flooded with my co-workers who've been laid off...

I've decided that I'm not moving either. Not even to Hotlanta. Its not worth it. I'll survive. So when the time comes, I'll just hope for a nice package and come what may.

So there!

Now, to get through one more day, and head to Sixweasels' land for some pool time and boozery...


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