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7:26 a.m. - 2010-05-17
Zen won the bet, and this is the prize:
Zen is VERY crispy this morning. Ya'll know how I love me some bullet-proof sunscreen, but I always seem to forget the first day out in the sun each year.


As Six said, my Faceb00k boyfriend Dude actually came out!!! AND spent the entire day in my company, AND even took me for a walk to get a little one on one time.

AND (that's the last capital "and"), we elicited several raised eyebrows from the The Boys and their crew. I swear, they treat me just like the favorite family pet sometimes.

Having seen him in person again, and spent hours with him talking face to face, I have several impressions.

1) He is kind of weird looking, but still handsome in a Zen sort of way.

2) He is definately young, but I don't care anymore. Call me a cougar, go ahead...

3) They boy likes his Bud, but never seems to get drunk. I guess that's a good thing.

4) He has the most facinating golden colored eyes that sparkle when he smiles, which doesn't seem to be often.

5) He doesn't seem to have bounds of energy I usually associate with younger men, but I think he'll make an admirable dildo nevertheless.

6) We have a lot in common family-wise and life philosophy-wise. We both like violent sports. He likes crappy music, but I can sacrifice.

7) I'm not thinking this will be long-term, because I think he might be a real alcoholic, even though he seems to be a very nice alkie. He drinks every night after work and every weekend. He gives me the impression of someone who has just totally given up on life and has settled into a pretty set routine.

8) He might surprise me.

9) If he doesn't, he'll still make a good dildo.

10) The widower was out yesterday, and I was kinda jealous because he brought his new girlfriend. So I guess Dude, though fun, hasn't totally bowled me over with his charms yet.

Now. We'll see if Dude will make amove to see me again in the next couple weeks.

Bets anyone?

BTW Six - your boyfriend owes me 5 bucks...


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