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10:06 a.m. - 2003-06-13
Stinky tuna used as torture implement
I have stinky tuna breath. Yummy though. Nothin' like a tuna sandwich for breakfast. I'm really scraping the cupboards in an effort not to spend money for the next two weeks. The bike purchase was pushing the limits a bit. Worth every tuna sandwich though. I really love torturing my co-wrokers by breathing tuna on them during important meetings. Pays them back for comingto work hacking, hocking and sneezing all over me. Revenge is sweet ... with tuna.

I have busy day tomorrow. Movie in the morning. Its only 2.50 for the 10am show. Lunch with local friends at noon. Sex toy party at 4 (you know - lingerie, dildos, nipple clips and such sold in the age old style of Avon and Tupperware). Then out or in with good girl buddies for quality reconnection time.

Tonight I'm stuck babysitting the god-brats. Tomorrow will more than atone I think.

To do list:

Nothing. Absolutely nada. I'm going to wing it.

Have a lovely weekend folks. Do something bad for me. I think I'll be a well behaved little lassie for a change.


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