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8:48 a.m. - 2003-07-03
Ick, ick, ick, but super cool hair
I got my hair cut last night. I have minimal bangs again and its a few inches shorter. And it has made me want more, or actually less. I think I may be ready for one of those cute angular bobs with odds and ends sticking out all over the place. I'm jealous of women who have those haircuts so maybe I'll just get it over with and lose that green tinge to my skin.

So, tonight I go to see fireworks in small town Virginia with the friends I'm going camping with at 6am in the morning!!!! Its vacation people, lighten up! Jeez. What ever happened to sleeping in on a holiday? When I grow up, and quit tagging along on other people's family vacations, there will be sleeping in on holidays.

OK, calm down, its just a vacation. Why am I so wrought up these days? Oh yeah, that's right, endless hours sitting on my ass working with people I do not like. Yeah, that's right. But shit, wait, I'm supposed to be grateful. Yeah, that's right.



I hear that panhandling is lucrative.

Have a wonderful Fourth all!


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