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10:18 a.m. - 2003-07-07
Babies, spiders and stairs, oh my
Well, I'm back from kiddie vacation in the wilderness called Southern Virginia. It was a blast! We had a decent camp site, no huge spider encounters, and the kids were really fun. We had a 2 1/2 year old boy and a sweet little 3 month girl -- my friends' kids -- with us. I was amazed at the levels of exhaustion a two year old can effect of the body of a thirty-sumpum gal who has yet to have any critters of her own.

We ran up and down three flights of stairs at a National Park visitor center a thousand times while his mom was downstairs sitting in the cool theatre nursing his baby sister. Its my fault. I felt I was responsible for explaining to him that elevators are for people with limitations, not for people like us to play on. It is a waste of energy I said. They will yell at us! So, we did the stairs, and we did the stairs, did the stairs, didthestairs. Huf, huf, huf. Phwew! Are they all like that? Little diesel motors up their bums that keep them moving at lightening speed?

Is it legal to leash and curb your kids? Because if I have to run up and down stairs with a kid AND change its diapers, I'm not so sure about motherhood. I mean its great ass work. Keeps one toned and the cardio fit. But really!

Oh, but then there were hotdogs and s'mores. And there was the baby. There's nothing in the world like the warm fuzzy feeling you get from a tiny little thing looking up at you and grinning huge into your face. Contented babies are a soothing thing to the senses. So soft, cuddly, needy and peaceful. I've never been around tiny babies before. It was a treat. Much like a puppy.

So all went well, considering. My first and last summer camping trip. I've always gone in the fall and winter before, and have re-confirmed that summer is not for me. The lake was nice, but not enough to keep cool in the hot sun. I much prefer a little snow on the ground, and bundling up in blankets around the campfire. No bugs, no heat and lots of opportunty for snuggling.

I'm looking forward to an adult weekend coming up. I think I need some tiem with my grown up friends, where I can say things like poop, darn and jerk without being reprimanded and having to apologize to the kids for my poor language.


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