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8:54 a.m. - 2003-09-22
Have you ever been so facinated with an ugly person that you couldn't stop staring? That happened to me this weekend. I was entranced by a thin, greasy-haired pirate dressed in Cranberry red velveteen with a long cape coat. His thin, hawk-like face was pronounced with a hooked beak of a nose, and sunken yellow tinged eyes.

I'm telling you, I stared hard for a good 20 minutes while waiting for Sully to get his ass of the phone. And he stared back! So, was I just as intriguing, or was it a response to blatent rudeness? But, no, there's no rudeness at Ren Fest. Everyone is a freak and an exhibitionist. So, it must have been my sweet self. Hmmmm. Interesting.

Otherwise, it was another tavern crawl, devoid of the shows and attractions that 99.9 percent of the public attend Fest for. That's what happens when you go to fest with Sully. It turns into another beer drinking event - with better people watching.

I put my foot down on at The Rogues though. We were attending a Rogues performance come hell or high water. And they were great. And the Sully brothers enjoyed the experience immensely. Of course, they performed in a tavern. The best of both worlds.

There is something about this celtic band that gets the blood pumping and adds sparkle to the eyes. Yet, had I gone yesterday as well, there would have been an even greater abundance of sparkle. I heard they pulled off their boxers and mooned the audience. Now yer talkin'!


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