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2:26 p.m. - 2003-10-20
I hate boogers.
Children with colds and fevers who spit when they talk should be put in containment bubbles until the germs have been successfully exterminated from their little bodies.

I'm sick. Boogers, a fever and a general felling of unwell bitchiness. I've laid many a smackdown in my worklife, but this morning takes the cake. I laid one good and well on a major asshole who has been making my professional life a stinky sewer. Boy did it feel good.

Anyway, I got sick because the friends I visited this weekend had two sick kids with fevers and boogers and failed to mention it to me before I came. In fact, they failed to mention it until I was a day in and it was too late.

I thought I was good to go though. Three days of exposure had not made a dent in my general health. But I woke up with morning with snot running everywhere and a low-grade fever. Sucks. And I'm so bitchy.

The weekend itself was good though. I got to go fishing on a boat, and boats of any kind make me happy. I also got to see a gutted and skinned deer, which was not so happy, but I was surprisingly not ill affected by the sight of it. Hmmm.

I also stopped by to visit the weasel household to drop off sympathy gifts of treats for the animals. I brought beer for the people. I have to say though, I prefer my Sapporo bottled rather than in a draft can. Too bubbly.

Of course, Sixweasels and MrWeasel are probably wishing I was in a plastic bubble for bringing germs into their home. I hope they don't get sick. I don't spit when I talk though. So they will probably be germ free.

I hate boogers.


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