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9:55 a.m. - 2003-11-10
The weekend rundown.
It was a weekend at home for me. But not uneventful by any means. Friday night was a family dinner and I found the trick to making my sister-in-law less beast-like. I got her drunk on really good homemade sangria. She was a joy to be with. If only I had this knowledge years ago...

Saturday, I went to a birthday party for someone who's becoming a good friend and brought another girl whose husband just lost his job -- AGAIN. She was in need of some R&R and time away from the family. She had a great time and mixed well with the crowd. I was glad I thought to invite her.

This is the same girl who wants to fix me up with a 26 year old boy she works with. Apparently he was living with a girl who didn't want to work in or out of the house. A big mistake that he took care of two months ago. When April told him she had a single, non-clingy thirty two year old friend with a job, he was pretty excited. So, I relented and said I would meet him during lunch this week at their workplace so I could scope him out.

Dates with boys. Why not?

Saturday I baby-sat my god daughter to give the friend mentioned above some quality strategizing time with the hubby. He seems to be taking it much better this time and is job hunting with vigor and zest. She in turn is treating him with trust and respect that is only making their marriage stronger. I think they finally figured it out.

Sunday was a great hike and stroll around a C&O canal town in West Virginia. It was crisp and sunny -- the perfect day for a hike. The kids were fun and entertaining. They really are blessed with the best kids in the world. Before they met me, I had about half an hour to wait, so I spent the time gabbing with the park ranger at the visitors center. He was a really talkative guy with a wealth of knowledge about the history of the park and other subjects. It made for an enjoyable wait. If I went to WVA more often, I think I'd have a new friend.

This coming weekend I migrate once again to B-more to hang with Sixweasels and our buddies. If we're really lucky, maybe Batten will be able to hang with us (hint, hint)and we can get another good evening of heart healing girl time in. Its been one weekend at home and I miss them already!

Sunday is a trip to Harrisburg to visit friends of my step-dad and mom (actually their friends' son and daughter-in-law). I was roped into this through guilt, but am hoping to get a nice tour of Harrisburg. I've been dying to see the city after passing it so many times. Its in a beautiful setting right on a river. And this couple is really very nice. Not a thing like his parents who are disgusting pigs. They won't be around though. We are going up on the QT.

So, for the week I've promised myself I'd go to three exercise classes. One is tonight. Either yoga or pilates at the Y. Yay for me! Booda belly - watch out!


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