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9:25 a.m. - 2004-01-12
At last...
I've had a breakthrough. I got a bootie call Saturday night, and actually got to stay over and got breakfast in the morning! But I digress.

Friday was a bust, but resulted in an evening of girlie entertainment. I put on a deep cleansing facial mask, popped in a chick flick, slathered up with moisturizing lotion because my skin was dry and itchie, and did laundry. The laundry was a bit tricky, because the washers and dryers are in a room outside of my apartment. So I had to sneak over to put stuff in and transfer it to the dryer, etc. while nobody was roaming the halls.

So I woke up Saturday morning, did some housecleaning, and went to lunch with Mom. I ended up buying two more chairs for my dining room table from the Salvation army at 5 bucks a piece. I kind felt bad, because I know there are people who have less than I do who may have a use for them, but they had been there for 3 months, so I figured they were meant for me.

Then I got a call from Sixweasels. She was feeling crummy and not up to our jaunt to Batten's. She went on to say that The Boys had stopped by The Bar the previous night much to her surprise and delight because she was being assaulted by another horny old man. Apparently, H, Sully and Mardis Gras Mike left me a message full of growling, howling, singing and general mayhem. A message I did not get because they were apparently too drunk to leave a message properly (hee, hee, hee).

She also said that H was very disappointed that I wasn't there, at which I spouted off about men who couldn't ask their friends for girls' phone numbers and tell them to be at certain places at certain times for entertainment purposes. Then Six told me he said that I would be more than welcome to stay at his house Saturday night, and I relented.

So it was sweet, because as you may know, I've been itching to form a momogamous casual sex relationship with the dear boy for ages. So, being the somewhat pushy lady that I am, I took the lead and called Sully, demanding a phone number.

I called H, and left a message with my phone number and instructions to call it at his earliest convenience. And he did. He invited me to come over at whatever time of the night after my jaunt to Batten-ville.

So, I arrived in Batten-ville late due to some extremely assholish rubberneckers on the interstate, but was rewarded with pizza, football and her very entertaining neighbors. These people are a trip. Just different versions of The Boys. Then we decided that it was time to go back to her apartment for some downtime with a movie.

The movie was Electric Dreams. Sort of a cyber-fantasy from the early to mid eighties that was packed with all the symbolic images of the decade. the soundtrack included tracks by Boy George, my eighties idol. Funny how different he sounded to me without the visuals. I wouldn't have known it was him. The flick was a throw back. I was reminded of the days of parachute pants and puffy sleeves.

Then it was off to H's place. We ended up in his bedroom flipping through 200 plus channels trying to find a decent movie. But we are foiled, and settled on some good 70s music and non-stop chatter. Then I launched an attack and found out what its like to romp around on a water bed. Freaky really. The waves made me feel like I was going to be launched off of the bed and out the window at any moment. But, I am ever resourceful and made the best of the challenging environment. And I woke up happy and relaxed.

I was treated to more chatter and a great breakfast before being sent along my way. And feeling utterly spoiled I went home to do more laundry.

I could get used to this. A prospect of regular sex and spoiling. I still think its a shame that we have so many fundamental and irreconsilable differences. But, for now, we both need attention, and given the great chemistry, it seems like a good solution. It could also be a major trainwreck. But I'm a courageous girl.


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