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9:12 a.m. - 2004-01-19
EThe weekend in the wilderness of the Eastern Shore was a bust. I spent the entire time being harrassed by my friend A about not spending time with her while on vacation over the holidays. No matter how many times I explained that I used the time to be either by myself, celebrating actual holidays with family, or visiting friends that I hadn't seen literally in years. And its no day trip out there.

I was also harrassed about starting up a business so that A will have an occupation of her time. It doesn't matter that I have no faith in my abilities as a business person, being that I can't count. Nor that I require secure health insurance 100% of the time. Nor that I have no back-up salary such as a husband that works. Nor that I really couldn't give a flying fuck about starting my own business.

Then her husband D had to get all "you need to come down to the city and work for the government with me." This is a man I nearly killed when I worked with him before. And he thinks I'd do it again? Besides that, a long bus/train ride every day doesn't appeal to me. And this after I'd been complaining about working too long, and not having time to do things in the evening. But I'd take a 2.5 hour communte both ways each day? Where's the common sense?

These two have been friends for a long time, but their way is the only way, and they have no regard for my feelings or wants at all.

At least the kids weren't sick this time. How rude is it to invite an athsmatic to your home, knowing that your kids are sick and have fevers and spit in people's faces when they talk?

The girls night was snowed out too. So, woo hoo!

So I am looking very forward to a weekend in B-town with good friends who do not impose their lifestyle or beliefs upon me with ruthless vigor. People who respect my choices, needs and position.

Yes, I am very much grateful for them.

So, with the moving into my mom's, I am still on the fence. I want financial freedom so badly, but at what price? My blood pressure will likely go up, that's for sure. I will feel stifled and annoyed. But, for complete financial freedom in one year, what I would give...

Things to ponder.


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