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12:41 p.m. - 2004-01-21
Oh god, not again!
If only, if only. There is so little to say to someone in grief. So little to do. Sixweasels lost her doggie last night. She came home to a house that was a little emptier than when she left it in the morning. Stacy had passed away.

When I moved out of my Mom's house and had to leave my dog behind, I was inconsolable. I cried in the bathroom on my breaks at work. I cried myself to sleep at night.

When she finally does pass on, I know that there will be nothing anyone can do or say to fill in the space. Only the passing of time will make the heartbreak ease.

I have never known Six or Mr. Weasel without Stacy. It was always the three of them. So you know she was a ripe old age ;) That dog could bark so much that your head would pop off. But she was also very sweet and gentle. You should have seen how huge her eyes would get when she knew you had yummy food for her. She would just sit there staring you down, bowing her head, with those big doe eyes.

She would eat daintily, taking a mouthful of food, transporting it into the living room, then laying down to eat it one kibble at a time. It was almost ceremonial. And she loved to drape her body right up against you so hard it was like she was formfitted. I've never known another dog who would do that.

I will miss her antics. The pitter patter. The big brown eyes looking at me expectantly for leftovers. She's been such a part of my life. She made me want my own dog. Lucky for the K-girl.

So tonight, I will go to my Mom's house, and give my girlie a few extra butt and armpit rubs. She won't know why, but won't argue either.

Hang in there Six! Don't forget to cry. You of all people deserve a good heavy sob. Call me if you need me!


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