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9:28 a.m. - 2004-03-15
It happened again. I was spotted at Sully-fest sporting a bottle of vodka in one hand, and torturing boys with the other. Actually, the only boy I touched was H, though not overly much because his ex-girlfriend was there and she was being all nice to me. It was kinda creepy really. She and her brother (who flirted outrageously with me) and her friends were all telling me about how bootiful I was and how nice and great hair, etc. This after she unloaded a raft of shit onto Sully about me stealing her boyfriend or something several weeks earlier.

To set the record straight - there was no theft involved. H and the lady hadn't been dating for over 1.5 months when I accosted him in the hotel room. The problem was, he didn't actually tell her it was over. He just sort of stopped calling, etc, etc. You know, what juvenile men do when they forget they have balls.

So anyway, I really had a good time with her and her friends. A little scary, but I love to live dangerously.

There were boys galore there. Including old friend B, his little brother (getting very cute in his older state), Moose and Drunk Stevie. All college buddies of old, and very dear to my heart.

There were also Biker Dude and two old drunk guys. All very horney and attached to me all night. I had three sad little puppies on my trail all night. They were cute, persistant, and very drunk. I had a horribly inappropriate conversation with one of them. He brought up dildoes, and wanted me to describe mine. And well, he was very entertained. Then he asked if he could watch sometime, and I booted him out of the house. How rude!

Later in the evening, I found myself coming of the bathroom, and being accosted by The Todd who dragged me into the office, and tried to make out with me. I had to giggle a bit. He's one of those guys who is a dog, but so cute and endearing that you can't get mad. He's predictable, and totally unrepentant.

But, alas, I was having none of it, and pushed him off the couch so I could curl up and fall asleep for the night. Now, the Todd is great to makeout with, and I was oh so very tempted. But, I'm not about to create a disturbance in the inner circle of trust. Just because H is not my boyfriend, does not mean that I will be an ass and make out with all his friends. This is NOT a buffet. I heard the Todd outside the door after he left the room. There were two or three guys out there, all yelling "Man, you are so lucky!" over and over again. Probably my crew of old puppies. But he was good boy and told them, "No, no. Not that lucky. Nothing happened. I just put her to bed. And, NO, you are not going in there!" The poor guy had to sit outside the office for about 20 minutes, until they all gave up and passed out. God bless him. He really is a good boy at heart.

The next morning found me slipping down the the kitchen to get some water. I saw Six on the living room couch, staunchly being protected by the huge biker dude. This guy is a riot. He's about 6'4" built like a wrestler, and crazy twiggy curls sticking off his head. He looks like the truest form of bezerker. Just wild. And there he was, in the chair next to the couch, wearing his leather jacket and leather chapps over his jeans, making sure nothing happened to our Six.

If you have to drink obscene amounts of vodka and pass out in someone's house, Sully's is the ideal place. Lots of couch space, and plently of scary boys on your side.

When Six woke up, and the bezerker had wandered home, we got cokes, and I munched on hot dog rolls. I felt fine, unlike poor Six. And I had the deepest and most profound urge to torture the boys in the basement. I knew The Todd was down there and I wanted to throw things at him. So I balled up half a roll, and made a hard little rock. But after conferring with Six, we decided that it looked like a poop ball, and I ran upstairs to place it in an obvious spot on the toilet for the boys to see when they got up to pee.

Then I made a penis sculpture for the boys to walk over when they came up from the basement that I quickly removed when H arrived with child in tow to scavenge the decorations.

After an hour or so of basketball later, I got so board with the boys and their basketball that I had to leave. I hate basketball so much. Squeek, sqeek, squeek, squeek!!!!

And so ended the Sully-fest. It was a great year. Lots of fun to be had. A great fire in the backyard, and a great DJ on the inside keeping the mood upbeat and rythmic.

Batten and Eastportgirl - we missed you! Make sure you can come next year, K?


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