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9:13 a.m. - 2004-06-25
I had a great day yesterday, really. I whacked out a 6 month self assessment in 3 hours. I basically said that I was great and should make lots of money.

Most people work on these all year. Me? I enjoy cramming. See? College WAS worth the money.

I'm going to The City tomorrow to hang out at The Bar. With or without The Boys. Dunno yet. What I do know is I need a booze drink and some down time, and a boy to mess with. I mean, not MESS with, just mess with. I'm feeling all punchy over my new hair and need to see if it works.

I've also been obsessing over who will be my next shag buddy if I don't find a boyfriend type. I can't think of anyone clean, healthy and trust-worthy. : (

Sixweasels and I are meeting with several D-land gals Saturday for lunch. I'm so excited! I haven't seen most of them since winter. Hopefully, Batten an Eastportgirl will be able to come too. Very cool girl time.

After that? Moving moving moving. More stuff to lug like plants, coats and electronic equipment. Then I just wait for the movers so I can clean up after them and hopefully get back my security deposit. Mo money for me.


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