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2:28 p.m. - 2004-08-24
No City in the Amish.
I ended up not being Amish for a day, nor going to a Renaissance Festival due to inclement weather and very wrong directions that took us 50 miles out of our way, thanks to new exit numbers. Damnit!

But, on a cheery note, I have a new reason to come to work. He's about 6'2", rides a very cool motorcycle, and has the sweetest smile I'v ever seen. He also wears a scarf on his head, an obvious flick off to corporate convention. I do love a rebel.

He's just so lickable. Makes me regret the "no dating work men" rule I instated 9 years ago. I'll have to find out if he has a lady, and if not, get him fired so I can date him. (Just kidding.)


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