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5:01 p.m. - 2004-09-21
New England.
I'm still laughing inside at the sight of my mother stomping around my cousin/aunt's house making everything just right. I found out that my family has a certain way of making beds. Like in the military. And you get inspected. My mom was so petrified of my cousin/aunt that she made both our beds every morning, just right, even if she had to take them apart and put them back together again till it was right. She panicked over it.

I sat there on my newly made bed and laughed my ass off at her. That's what it was like for years in my house. Me running around making everything perfect. Wiping out the tub, starching corners on the bed, coasters and napkins under everything...

It was such a hoot to see my mom put in my position. And I was treated like a little princess. Mom had to serve me tea, food, etc. while I sat on my tush, because I am a working girl and was on vacation. It was a riot!

The sitting was a bit hard on me though. It was about a 9 hour trip up, not including breaks. Then, because we were visiting old relatives, we sat and had tea all the time. My butt hurt. I got away now and then for "erands" though.

We went to Plymouth plantation and the Mayflower II for a day and I walked my ass off. I've never felt so good. It was great. Walking after being a potato for so long was fantastic. Plymouth was incredible. I ate turkey, walked about, talked to the "locals" who re-enacted pilgrims so fluently I thought I was really in the 1700s. It was spooky how good they were. Like ghosts.

I got lots of loot including a new Helly Hansen foul weather jacket that replaces the one I got in Alaska in 1995 with the holes. I've needed a good waterproof jacket for a couple of years. Very pleased with that purchase. I also got great moon theme earings at the Plantation. I haven't worn earings in so long. Its nice to have something bobbing from my ears once again.

Its good to be home, but I miss the fall weather and water in New England. I didn't get on a boat, which is unusual, but I didn't make the itinerary either. I prefer a much more active vacation.

My next jaunt will be to Alabama to visit the paternal relatives. I hope I can do it without my mother hornign in. She makes such a spectacle of herself anymore. She gets so flustered, then shuts down and babbles loudly. Its embarassing and a little scary. If she'd only breath. I really do not want to have her on a flight. Plus, I'd like to visit my Dad's family without her coloring the relationships.

That I think will be in November. Send good airfare vibes my way please.

That was my trip in a nutshell. It was fun, and pain in the ass, and educational. Not bad for a long weekend.


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