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9:45 a.m. - 2004-10-26
Good golly, my girls are getting their asses kicked! Poor Sixweasels is being worked to death, EastportGrl is having much work drama, and GolfWidow has been supremely dissed.

Dontcha just hate people sometimes?

I remember a time when it was all up and down, in quick succession, but now its like, up a little, then get shoved down the manhole into a stinking pile of shit for months, then get to breath through a straw for a special treat.

My job has finally calmed down for bit. Two majors off my shoulders and into the caring hands of the production crew. So I'm taking the opportunity to breathe. And have long lunches in the mall before Christmas turns it into a big infested germ wad. Gotta get those gifts early.


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