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2:20 p.m. - 2005-01-04
Losers suck.
Entry #2: My work-friend is all pissed off, because I won't go with her and her daughter to karaoke Thursday. Its for a film production crew to shoot footage of her and her daughter prior to a plastic surgery make-over thing for T.V. I told her long ago that I had no interest in being on T.V. or part of this little adventure. But, she just sauntered into my office, asking me what I'm doing Thursday, that she and her daughter were doing Karaoke and would I come?

It took a little skill, but I finally weedled out of her that the film crew wants to film them with friends doing karaoke. Bitch! Tried to trick me into being part of her stupid scheme.

She would have let me think that it was a private thing too until I saw the cameras. She's always trying to trick me into doing things that I am totally, and vocally against. Always "forgetting" that I don't eat beef and trying to get me to eat stuff with beef in it, that I don't park in the visitor parking spots, and DON'T want to date her snivelling little friend who lies and cheats. I really wish she'd go away. She's one of those poisonous people who try to manipulate others into destroying their own values an dself esteem to make herself feel better about being a loser. She might be moving South within the next month, and I wish she would.

If she doens't, we'll have to have The Confrontation.


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